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Description of the property for sale

  • the four home/apartment for sale are situated in one building, in Orebic’s most beautiful central part but still in a quiet, calm area, at the end of an impasse (protected from traffic)

  • the apartments are ready to move in

  • majority of the residents of the street are permanent, they are really nice, mostly German or English speaker people

  • the distance from the sea is 70 meters (real, measured on a satellite image)

  • distance from the nearest beach: 170 meters

  • distance from the port: 260 meters

  • 360 degree panorama in the upper (bigger) apartments

  • grocery store, cafe, restaurant, market, bank, permanent medical care are all in distance of 200-250 meters

  • habitable year-round homes (equipped with cooling and heating)

  • south-facing (towards the sea), the garden has a slight slope

  • the newly built, premium category apartments are made with thoughtful design, quality building materials and quality workmanship

  • the building is equipped with high-quality, quiet cooling-heating air conditioners, which serve economically in a house with unusually good thermal insulation (38 cm thick Porotherm brick masonry +5 cm thermal insulation) under local conditions

  • custom-designed, solid wood doors, windows, high-quality mosquito nets and aluminum shutters have been installed

  • the 4 apartments are completely independent and separated: 4 electricity meters, 4 water meters, 4 telephone / internet

  • the apartments do not have a common space, the parking spaces are also owned separately

  • each apartment has its own safety drinking water tank to store 1200-1500 liters of water in the middle of the car park

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