Southeast-facing upstairs, multi-storey apartment (apartment No. 3)
with wonderful panorama to the sea and the mountains

I. floor

  • 2 large bedrooms

  • bathroom with 180 cm bathtub

  • household room

  • forecourt

  • north terrace at the entrance

II. floor

  • large living room + kitchen + dining room combo with high ceilings, space with great acoustics

  • bathroom with shower

  • large, covered panorama terrace with high ceilings and adjustable lighting


  • current floor area of the paved gallery is approx. 10 m², and it is easily expandable

  • roof terrace with 360 ° panorama, which can be accessed through a roof door, floor area approx. 10 m², paved, but the railing is not yet in place

  • electric boiler on the gallery, in an enclosed space


  • independent water and electricity meter

  • custom solid wood doors and windows inside and outside

  • aluminium shutter blinds

  • mosquito nets

  • nice, highly abrasion-resistant stone coverings

  • quiet cooling and heating air conditioners in the rooms (3 pcs)

  • parking for 2 cars, 41 m², lockable with chain

  • own 1,500 liter insulated drinking water tank under the sidewalk

Total size of the property according to the ownership certificate:    129 m²

(+ min. 10 m² built-in gallery + 10 m² covered terrace, which are not included in the above statement)

Living room - kitchen combo:                34.7 m²

Panorama terrace:                                      20 m²

First Bedroom:                                          17.9 m²

Second Bedroom:                                    18.1 m²

First Bathroom:                                          4.7 m²

Second Bathroom:                                     4.3 m²

Storeroom:                                                  3.1 m²

Foreground:                                                5.2 m²

Staircase:                                                     4.4 m²

North terrace with staircase:                   8.6 m²

Two private parking places:                      41 m²

/Each number shows the floor area without the walls./

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